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Family Visa's

This visa category allows applicants to apply for a visa to Australia on the basis of their relationship to a family member who is an Australian Citizen or settled Permanent Resident.



Marriage or De-Facto
You may be eligible for this visa if you are married or in a de facto relationship (this includes same-sex relationships) with an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen. It is important to note that there is a minimum ’12 month living together’ requirement for applicants applying on the grounds of a de facto relationship.

If your partner visa application is approved, you will initially enter Australia on a temporary two year partner visa. This visa will allow you to live and work in Australia on the basis of your relationship. Approximately two years from lodging your application for a partner visa, you will be contacted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for updated evidence of your relationship. Meeting this requirement, will result in grant of Australian Permanent Residency on the basis of your relationship with your Australian partner.

In some instances, you may be able to bypass the two year temporary partner visa and become an Australian Permanent Resident on initial application. This usually requires the applicant to provide evidence of compassionate and compelling circumstances.

Fiancé Visa
Eligibility for this visa is based on:

  • The applicant has met their Fiancé in person.
  • Applicant must be sponsored by their Fiancé who is an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen.
  • Both partners must have a genuine intention of getting married.

The applicant must be outside of Australia when applying for this visa and at time of grant. If the Prospective Marriage visa application is approved, the visa holder must enter Australia and marry within nine months of arriving in Australia.

Once married, the Prospective Marriage visa holder may be eligible to apply for a temporary partner visa application to remain in Australia on the basis of the marriage.


Contributory Parent and Contributory Aged Parent

To be eligible for this visa, the visa applicant must be the parent of an Australian Citizen or settled Australian Permanent Resident. The visa applicant must be sponsored by this child. This visa also requires applicants to meet the balance of family test.



This visa allows parents who hold Australian Citizenship, Permanent Residency or are eligible New Zealand Citizens to sponsor their child or step-child aged under 25 years. This is a permanent visa and requires the sponsoring parent to sign a sponsorship undertaking. Assurance of Support may also be requested.



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